Grimm's Rainbow Turtle to Pull Along

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  • Multi-use toy that will grow with your child (suitable from age 1 year+); Made from natural wood & certified safe, water-based color stains
  • Push turtle forward/backwards, pull along by the string, or use to carry small objects/toys, including the rainbow-colored blocks that make up the turtle's "shell"!
  • Blocks in varying organic shapes fit together like a puzzle into the turtle's back, and can also be used for stacking & building, or for combining with other blocks in your child's collection
  • Encourage fine motor skills, creativity and imagination; Also inspires walking & crawling, as the wheels roll along smoothly on many surfaces
  • Comes in 3 styles: Sea Turtle, Rainbow Turtle & Rosalie Turtle. Length (w/o pull string) = 9.5 inches, Width = 8.5 inches, Height = 5.5 inches
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Grimms, a German manufacturer of beautiful, heirloom-quality wooden playthings, brings this unique combination of 2 classic toys: a pull along and building blocks. Both have been enjoyed by generations of children -- for good reason! Pull toys encourage both fine motor and gross motor development, and are perfect for babies new to walking, as well as bigger preschoolers who find joy making a little critter follow them. Blocks are one of the single most important, valuable toys for your child. The opportunities are truly endless for learning, experimenting, and expanding their creativity, spatial awareness, and logic, as well as physical development (such as hand-eye coordination). The turtle's shell is made up of a set of unique removable blocks in organic shapes that can be rearranged inside the shell into new patterns or used as blocks for building structures or towers (which can also be fun to knock down!). Older children will enjoy using the blocks in open-ended play and creative building with other wooden blocks in their toy box. 

Pull Along Turtle, available in 3 color arrangements, is a toy that will be treasured and remembered for many years, as it will be played with as your child grows from baby to preschool and beyond. With proper care, this high-quality toy can even be handed down to the next generation. 

About Grimm's
Nestled in a small town in Germany, Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design makes high quality, imaginative wooden toys that are inspired by Waldorf education, and are designed with the intention of helping children discover and develop their own creativity, leaving plenty of room for independent and open-ended play. Grimm's creations include baby toys, rattles, stacking towers, large and small puzzles (for preschoolers through teens and even adults: from simple to highly complex), European-style dolls and amazing heirloom-quality building block sets: irresistible toys the beg to be touched!
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