About the product
  • Smooth, rounded edges are comfortable and safe for baby
  • Finished with food grade, certified non-toxic plant oil
  • Filled with tiny semi-precious stones that make a gentle a very gentle noise
  • Natural wood shaped with rounded curves and sanded perfectly smooth
  • Heirloom quality, handcrafted in Germany

This beautifully German-made wooden Fish Rattle is soothingly simple. If you're looking for a unique rattle that's easy for little hands to grasp, this one's quite a catch. It is filled with tiny, semi-precious stones to make a gentle rattling sound. It can be safely used by babies as a shaker, grasper, and even a teething toy. Suitable for Ages 3 months+. 

Materials: Natural (unvarnished) wood, and safe, non-toxic oils 

All Grimm’s Spiel & Holz toys are made from sustainable alder, lime, maple and cherry timbers and treated with pure vegetable oil. Grimm's toys use green electricity sources, and minimal packaging. 

Wood is an ideal material for a baby's first sensory impressions, as it has many different sense experiences. Bacteria cannot breed on wood. This is especially true for non-varnished wood. 

About Grimm's 
Steeped in the rich European history of handcrafted woodworking and toy-making, Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design is nestled in small town Germany, where they lovingly create heirloom-quality, imaginative wooden playthings loved by children (and adults!) of all ages. Inspired by the philosophy of Waldorf education, Grimm's believes that creativity develops the imagination and free spirit. 

Parents love Grimm's because their high-quality designs encourage exploration, advance creativity, and challenge kids to think and use their imagination. Their engaging, colorful creations include heirloom-quality block puzzles, magnetic design puzzles, an array of beautiful building blocks sets (both large and small blocks), dolls, dollhouse furniture, stacking towers (from simple to elaborate), baby rattles, teething toys and more. Grimm's intent is to develop long-lasting toys that help children discover and develop their own creativity.

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